Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving out of My Dorm

Yeah. This episode was a doozy. My roommates had left a day before me so they finished packing 3 days before I even began.

This was their side of the room. So bare and therefore, clean.

I had about 3 times the amount of stuff they had and it was.... a mess. I pulled an all-nighter and still was packing as the moving truck driver was taking the boxes I had taped up out of my dorm room. Somewhere through the night my friends crashed on the other beds and were just eating pizza and dancing while I was packing. Everything's more of a blur though.
A while into the process of moving out, the dorm's elevator started getting stuck from all the traffic, so I had to carry my fridge (it's decently big and I packed some pairs of my shoes in it too [haha] because I ran out of boxes) down the staircase. It was scary.

So here's some photos mostly to remind myself never to pull a stunt like this again.
Fall 2012 resolution: DONATE EVERYTHING to Boomerang's (a thrift store in Central Square). Like everything. And maybe then I'll be able to move in with some grace.

It's okay if you need to shield your eyes:

This is the view when you first walked into my room. 
This was the wake-up call.

This may have been at its ugliest state.
It was after I'd emptied all my drawers and hangers. 

So painful. 

The good news is I did finish packing after throwing probably 1/4 of my belongings crap into the trash and having my awesome friend help out.

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