Friday, June 8, 2012

Painting 4: Windows

During this past Winter break, I painted another painting. This one's for Mom. 
The idea was to have a desk facing a wall covered with windows that could also be paintings... 
The ambiguity allows the viewer to pick and choose which one gets to be the window and which gets to be the paintings. 
They are all pictures I've dreamed of going to or places that mean something to me. 
The pictures of Santorini and Paris are images that swim in my mind from time to time. 
The skyline of Boston, however, is inspired by the view outside of my college dorm, and the bridge is a bridge near my old home in Kawasaki, Japan. The colorful, snow-covered leaves are of the tree outside of my house in PA. 
This painting makes me smile. It's like an intersection of my dreams and my history.
Does the average of my future and my past become the present?

The Paris part was inspired by that Chanel fragrance campaign

Inspired by the river view from my dorm room

View of a church across the street through the seasonal leaves of a tree on my yard

Santorini was my favorite part to paint

It surprised me to see this painting hanging in my dining room when I came back for summer break. I had almost forgotten I'd painted it and it made me happy to see it.
 It was like seeing an old friend :)

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