Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Painting 1: Dawn [夜明け]

This was my first painting. Yeah, it sucks, but I've never had painting lessons and I'm happy with my job because even now, I understand what I felt then but also see new meaning in the work.
 It was done for my dad as his Christmas present 3 years ago. It is the twin companion to the painting of the grassy prairie I made for my mother. 
You see, my mom was born in the city and always wanted to grow old in the countryside.

But my dad was born in the countryside and always wanted to live in the city (specifically, above a small bookstore where he could come downstairs on lazy Sunday mornings and relax with a magazine and coffee). 
So of course we end up in the lousy suburbs.
That's why I painted what they dreamt of in my paintings.
 I imagined the quietness of the scenery that would express the satisfaction and content my parents would feel from reaching their destinations, their homes. 

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