Thursday, December 31, 2009


In case you haven't noticed yet, I've already posted too many posts for one day. It's probably because all of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog in the first time collect and amount to one impulsive, energetic hoo-rah of "let's start a blog!" and then I have to get all my ideas out before I forget or before I get bored. I know sooner or later my posts will become lonelier and lonelier until I forget about my blog altogether. (I am pretty pessimistic about my new year's resolutions, which is why none of them work out.)

Anyways, happy news years eve from my family Asian hot pot dinner, and my family friend's daughter Elyse (trying out her slick fob moves- cute).

And do notice the laptop and mousepad in the corner of the picture as memorable tokens to our overflowing qualities of being Asian.

Painting 3

What an art studio. A leather sofa + mucky water + assorted partially dried acrylic paint + kid art paintbrushes + a Crayola white board table + sporadic warnings from my mother: "careful of the rug!" + foam plates for mixing + my universal TV DVD VCR remote = two nights of surprisingly refreshing progress.

This year's Christmas present for my dad. I even named it this time: Waiting at the Wishing Well.
It's actually rather symbolic of this past year and bumps along the family lane, but nothing more than that. I'm proud of the attempt at shading the well.
By the way, they're cold, not smoking.

Painting 2

Painting 1 is at my dad's office, so painting 2 shall do for now. It's my Christmas present to my mother from last year made from acrylic paints, idealistic image of the countryside, and cold, early mornings. What can I say other than that I am but an ignorant rookie (I know, I know, I left a little green blob in the painting) artist?

So it begins...

I guess I just never told myself I should start a blog. But then I wanted to start one. So here it goes.
There's a lot of other things I've wanted to do.

Like have art classes- especially ceramics or oil painting.

Like start dance classes again (started and quit in second grade- does that even count?).
Like learn to play the cello (instead I played violin, which was not a regrettable experience).
Like cook a meal which I actually have tried, just never succeeded.
Like make a lookbook on fashionable items I see, but that would require carrying my camera around.
Like learn French though I'll never admit outside of this public instance on a blog.
That's why I started this blog- to motivate myself to start doing artsy stuff that I don't get to do because of my nonartistic (but busy and just as lovable) schedule.

I guess this counts as a new year's resolution. Let's see how long I'll tend to this blog.