Monday, June 4, 2012

Let the SummerFUNtymes Begin

Summer is here and all I can say I've done is catch up on all my spring TV shows and eat a lot of good food. That's good and all, but it's time for a change in scenery.

So it's time for a summer checklist:
= Cook 3 times a week. (I don't mean microwaving things or easy-peesy ramen. Let's try a nice, well thought out meal.)
= Run at least once a day. (Where's the motivation from high school varsity preseasons? Come on now, early morning runs were dabomb!)
= Make at least one DIY project happen every 2 days. (your Pinterest isn't going to sit there being all pretty forever... Pull out that sewing machine from so long ago!)
= Culture youself with a new music artist/album each week. (new albums by Eric Hutchinson, Lenka, Regina Spektor, EP by Sara Bareilles... check out Beck, older Beirut songs)
= Program (keep coding - you won't regret it)
= Tell your sister stories. (Share about things - even imaginary, spontaneous things - with JoJo and make this quality sister bonding time too!)
= Take more photos. (Yeah yeah, uploading might seem like a pain to you, but hey, there's Instagram :) )

I'm excited for this summer! 
What adventures await,

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