Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Painting 4

Happy Birthday Dad!

This painting showcases my worst technique ever.
But it seems to work.
It feels right that it looks like it's painted by a kid.

This is probably my last painting before leaving home
so I added childhood memories into it.
Can you spot them?

Hint: The Little Prince, IHTFP-esque, Mobius, Totoro, Instruments, Flags

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Angwy Birds!!

Plushies of the Day: IRL Angry Birds playset. DIY Patterns: Red bird; blue bird; yellow bird; pig. Thank you in advance for making me one of each. [geekycrafts / spritestitch.]

That's how you make my day.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


(photo credit to Annie Hu)

(In case you haven't gotten to in a long, long time...

But... this is just a part of the Beginning:

Today, you shall remember to
Hold Fast To Your Dreams.

Go, Live!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

100% God

Facebook Status: Humbled.

Most people would interpret that as, "Oh, well I guess she didn't get in."
But hopefully some will see that as, "She knows it's not by her, but by God that anything is possible."


MIT Class of 2015

Monday, December 13, 2010


What were the cartoons you watched when you were a kid?
Or cartoon characters you had to buy the plush version of for you bed?

Power Rangers?
Just kidding, I kid... uh

101 Dalmations?
Snow White?
Powerpuff Girls...
and the nemesis MoJo JoJo?
Studio Ghibli's Totoro?
Hello Kitty/Sanrio?
Oooh, even better:

Anyways, this childhood tangent comes from the fact
that for a limited time,
McDonald's Happy Meals are served with Sanrio watches
for the company's 50th anniversary!

Can't go wrong on time with Keroppi.

Back from School

My Fall Looks
(when I actually took the photos
despite my overbearing laziness)
backwards cardigan and flowing skirt
floral Doc Martens and nautical cardigan
vintage denim shorts and yarn necklace

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I need a daily dose of realism.

Realism - to see things for what they truly are.
Truly - how things are without anyone touching it or thinking about it.

Realism: 1 day = 24 hours = 1440 minutes = 86400 seconds.
That's the amount of time I have in one day to do whatever I want.
I choose to identify responsibilities and tasks and allot my time for that.
I choose to accept my humanness and allot 6-7 hours to (refer to conversion) to sleep.
I choose to pretend that I am busy when really, I procrasinate and think activities like going online or reading or watching episodes on Hulu or walking or running or staring into space and pondering isn't going to take another 6 hours.

Truly: Time is a free and mandatory resource, a dimension, a measurement.

Realism: Time can be a friend. or an enemy. Right now, it's a frenemy. It's ok, but our relationship is sehr tiring. So much drama on my part. Time is really impartial to it all, which frustrates me. Why can't it slow down and wait for me? Why can't it catch up to my thoughts and ambitions? Why doesn't it care about me?

Realism: I am talking to myself. Time is far, far away, where everyone else can feel it.

Big Change or None At All

College admissions.

[WARNING: Reading this might make you feel bad or worse or better... risk's yours to take.]

What is this horrible feeling that is coming over me? Stress, then anxiety, then shortness of breath followed by instinctive forcing of long heaps of inhales and exhales, then frustration, then backtrack in memory to what could've gone better throughout my application process, then the background congratulations to everyone else who's been accepted to their respective schools, then the visualization that I won't get into mine, then the room spinning, then the self-comforting that I'll end up somewhere where I will be happy in the end, then the selfish counter that I really want to get in, then tiredness of the whole business and emersion into deep denial of the whole situation actually happening.

"WHEN are you going to find out?"
"Oh my gosh, you applied early too? I heard like 11 applied there."
"If you don't get in, it just wasn't the right place for you."
"You'll be okay." "Wow, that's incredibly hard to get into."
"Good luck! Tell me when you find out." "Ooh, 4 more days..."
"I can’t tell you not to worry, to relax, because whether you’re on the 'excited' side of things, or the 'freaking out' end - that's just unrealistic. " "Colleges shouldn't have the power to break hearts...:/
Good news or bad news, it doesn't change the fact that to me, you'll all always be amazing. ♥
" "Hey, just think, in a couple weeks, it'll all be over..."

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath.

But then at the end of this cyclical madness of the mind, I reach my 10-second epiphany where I realize that whatever happens, it's been decided already. Time is a dimension, but somewhere, it's already been done. Somewhere, I know if I got in or didn't get in. And hopefully, if I get in, it doesn't change too much. Hopefully, I won't get narcissistic or incredibly self-commending or ignorant of other people and unfaithful.
But hopefully, if I don't get in, I shouldn't get really upset as if I expected a different outcome, or incredibly self-deprecating or greenly-envious of other people and unfaithful.
Please, whatever happens, the decision someone else makes should not affect the peace of mind I have. Peace is independent of outside forces.

Peace is faith in God.

That felt good. Deep breath, deep breath, slowly return to normal.