Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Found a Zoo

On one of the Sundays this month, we visited the Elmwood Zoo in Norristown, PA.
It's kind of small (especially compared to Philly's) but there was a lot of charm to it and I appreciated taking that trip.

The first thing that made me really happy were the bisons. They were HUGE! And so majestic, and so beautiful.
They were my favorite animals to see there.

Don't be fooled by the photos: They were huge.

 The zoo recreated a tipi that we could walk into. 
It was so big and I could imagine the people who would have lived there.

Since the fences were all pretty low, most of the birds, like these vultures, here easily flew in and out of the zoo into the nearby neighborhood woods and lakes.

A swan! Though it never looked my way...

From the picture here, it looks like this turtle is fighting against the world.

But in reality, the water was just really dirty and the turtle was chilling on a cool rock in the heat.

The leopard in the back sleeps with its eyes open. Creepy but cool.

This monkey looks like it has some serious dandruff to deal with, but I think that's its natural coat.

 These two monkeys were the most photogenic animals ever! 
They always looked at us and the sun followed them like a spotlight.

This owl squinted at us for the longest time and rose its right foot every time we took a photograph of him. 
Well coordinated, owl.

Batty. They look so cool.

I really liked this illustration of the wolf and the dreamcatcher outline.

Bahahaa, I mean, it's beautiful.

The rooftop of this building had plants growing on it. But the irrigation had water dripping all over edges of the roof as you tried to walk into the building.

The small neighborhood Elmwood Zoo has few visitors but it has a great community of animals and is worth a visit!

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