Monday, June 4, 2012


Going home after a long semester at MIT just felt weird. Every time I come back home from school, it's like I completely shed my skin from school and reassume whatever I was at home before school ever happened.
When I got home, I literally threw my suitcase in a corner of my room, pulled out what clothes I had remaining in my closet, and pulled out my Mac and did everything I didn't do at MIT. I blogged. I put together outfits. I browsed through magazines. I used my hands and adjusted things. I thought about painting things and writing things. It's like slowly rebuilding my sense of self and slowly re-familiarizing myself with what thoughts I used to have in my mind. It's like rehab for the creative side of my mind. Slowly taking steps again. It feels awesome.
MIT is allegro. And I know August will be allegretto. But for now, adante feels just right. There's no rush. Yet there's a decisive rhythm to my work. Because I know I won't have this calm time forever and I want to savor each second. Each sound.

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