Sunday, September 30, 2012

H♡ME: Part 2

That same weekend I was home in July, I mentioned that my mom went all out with the cooking.
Well, she went ALL OUT with the cooking:

The Flan Sponge Cake:

 Strawberry Symphony Cake:

 Glorious Sushi Rolls:

 This one's wrapped in a second layer of Shiso:

I love going home and recharging. 
Food is one way my mom shows me that she's rooting for me. :)

H♡ME: Part 1

**Looking at my drafts, I realized I never posted this one of the Ingrid Michaelson concert I saw!

On my trip home for the last days of July, I got to eat Momma's hearty cooking, see two incredible concerts and relax.

I wrote about OMAM already, but here's another snip of that weekend:


Ingrid's Sexy Pose...

The Crew and a special guest from the audience singing "You and I"

I was so happy to finally see her live. Granted, most of the audience were women in their mid-30's who dragged their boyfriends along or lesbian couples, neither demographic in which I belong. But it was super fun. And she's such a great entertainer and has a chill, hilarious personality. 
And might I just say: her voice is very sexy- how does she do it??

Saturday, September 29, 2012


So summer's been closing up shop for a while now,

and fall keeps barging its foot in the door so I don't quite know where I stand.

I guess it's time for me to refresh by keeping the values I learned from this summer
and face the cool breeze of fall.

Right now is an important time in school, with new habits forming for psets and new standards developing for my schedule and lifestyle. There are interviews, new faces, conversations with people who may not remember you... but they also just might.

Restart and re-enter into the bubble of MIT. But this time, it doesn't seem like a bubble, more like a fishbowl. People come to visit and have a preconceived notion of MIT. Sometimes I feel like I have to fit into their (and my first) definition of MIT, but now that I've been here a year, I know MIT can be something different for everyone.
I have my own goals and aspirations for my time at MIT (which is what made me excited about coming here in the first place!) so MIT, you will most definitely change me but I'm not going to let you mold me into something unrecognizable.
With that said, I carefully enter sophomore year with a set of open ears and eyes.
   (If that's possible hah.)