Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Is Good.

Just a reminder :)

There's so much good in the world so don't get stuck on the little poopy things. They'll stay poopy (unless you see the good in them too) and they'll just drag you down if you mull over them too much.

So see how good life is. Be joyful.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Put a Ring on It


Right after we got the ring boxes, we ran over to the closest table to put them on.

6.005 Team:

Our delivery was at Fenway - best view ever!
...until some drunk kid decided to run across the field. 

Then we were kicked into the area under the stadium :(

with Amelia :) - love this girl!


Farah! Going to England with her next year! Yeahhh Course 6.

Because we can, and this is my blog.

We all failed at putting our finger up...

We chased the Green Monster down for like 10 minutes. 
He was clearly trying to avoid us. 


Sang Hyun! I will be selling this photo for one million bucks one day. 
This girl will make history.

We're actually legit people now (or so it feels like at MIT).