Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trip: Pause

Paht 1

We went on a road trip to Ohio to visit my dad's summer research stint at the Air Force Base. 
Western Pennsylvania has mountains, cornfields, farms, and ... grass. (Oxford comma.)
The rest stops were probably the most interesting parts of the drive. 
Just kidding, there were some awesome tunnels and the bridges next to Pittsburgh were beautiful. It was fun being weird and rambunctious and creating embarrassing moments with my siblings again.

Here's some randos taken on the daddy-o's DSLR:

in the middle of singing another ad lib song to entertain.
I hope those videos never get out into the public.

we got bored. i guess.

oh, sorry: Western PA has trees too. my bad.

 my brother has huge ears. gosh.

Hope you have at least one dysfunctional road trip this summer too :)
It's good for the soul.

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