Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nerd Derp

This was my first week at my research job.
It was exciting because the ONE (organic and nanostructured electronics) Lab is somewhere I wrote about in my application for MIT. I'm working in the quantum dot solar cell group. My project explores different sputtering processes to see which way of applying the ZnO layer on the quantum dot solar cells will maximize its efficiency. Most of the projects so far have really been focusing on adjusting the bandgap of the QDs, so it'll be interesting to look at the metal layer instead.
This week has mostly been reading scientific articles and trying to get a hang on all the QDPV research that's been published so far. I've asked some silly questions and been awkwardly clueless very frequently but I think it's all part of the process (I hope).

The reception of the research lifestyle by the grad students here (who come from all over the world) is very interesting. They all miss undergraduate life (and the intertwined community) a lot, and there's a lot of self-declared 10, 12+ hour workdays. There's ups and downs in their research but this lab in particular is pretty close-knit and get along together and collaborate frequently which is not always guaranteed within a lab. 

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