Sunday, July 15, 2012


Took a relaxing early morning trip to the North End today.

Someone had mentioned it during the week and I, being a sporadic wandering hobo at times, couldn't resist the opportunity to explore.
It's only my second time there (first time being yesterday), so I was being all Asian Touristy.

The MA State House. What do they do there anyways? 
The whole idea of state houses and city halls seem arcane to me.

I biked past Boston Commons and snapped a still of the fountain on the left.
All the condos by the docks had pretty little balconies - lovely!

A maze fountain by JFF Surface.

The Financial District peaks through the background.

The North End had these cute crowns and stars hanging across the streets. 
Reminded me a little of Le Petit Prince.

What does not belong with the others...? 
How do my people infiltrate the North End with one of their takeout restaurants? 
It's like on the corner of a block surrounded by Italians!
I guess Italians need their Chow Mein too...

Haha, I will be sure to go there someday. (This pub was near Beacon and Somerset.)

This house and the poles remind me a little of POTC.

A restaurant on the docks.

One of the private condos there was right on Battery Wharf and had this beautiful fountain positioned in line with the bay and sunrise. What money can buy.

Also near Battery Wharf.

Sitting on the dock by the bay...

Sitting by the wharfs = blissful thinking.

So glad I got out of bed for the soul-soothing trip.
This is now one of my favorite spots of all time.

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