Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where I Love

Why I love Boston:

1. The people here seem to love their lives. Whether it's the hustling, black-suited commuters heading towards the Pru, or the early morning runners, or the sarcastic homeless people asking for your money to save the 'Hipster Apocalypse,' there's a spunk to everyone here.

2. There is a charm in the air. Every corner I turn, there's character in this town. I love the tiny stores and cafes that rip you off and the brick paths that make my bike jingle up and down.

3. Every brownstone looks so pretty. The doors look so elegant and each balcony, window, rooftop has its own touch.

4. It's small. If you look at a map of Boston, everything is close to one another. You could technically take a bike and travel around all of Boston in one day if you wanted to. And yet, there's so many obscure and beautiful places you will overlook and these take years to discover :)

5. I feel energetic here. I go on morning runs because it seems like the whole city is up and running at 7am in the morning. Fenway is a single, collectively boisterous human fort before and after a Red Sox game. There are always street bands and singers jamming on the weekends. It's a great place to grow.

6. People are friendly. When you're running, sometimes people greet you as they pass by you. When I'm on the T towards South Station with a bunch of luggage, people let me have their seats. There's a lot of random places where people will strike up conversation with you. And these conversations aren't usually awkward, because Boston kind of brings people together and you end up discovering you have something in common with them.

7. It is a wander-friendly zone. You know how I like to wander and explore and get lost. Well, Boston is perfect for the nomad in me. Once I walked from Mass Ave to Park Street and found some awesome stores. Once I ran to the North End and found a new zen spot. I wouldn't have known where the Christian Science Church was and the awesome fountain by it if I hadn't decided to one day run past Berklee.

8. People are fashionable. There are so many creative people here, and I always pick up some inspiration on my runs.

9. There's always people visiting Boston. Whether it be for a history class field trip, visiting colleges, or seeing the sights and visiting family, I love that I can sit down somewhere and know there's someone there who's seeing the place for the first time. There are constantly people appreciating what Boston has to offer.

10. Boston is an intersection point, a crossroad if you will. People come here to become better people. They leave to pursue their dreams. It's a place to grow. People don't seem to settle down in Boston as much as live here for a few years and then depart. Yet everyone looks back fondly at their time in Boston :)

This is something I've been compiling and editing since I stayed in a brownstone in Back Bay Boston over the past summer. I love Boston. A lot. I'm going to miss it next year!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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