Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Snowpocalypse of 2013

Last weekend, Boston got hit with an epic 24.9 inches of snow from Nemo! It was the most incredible three-day weekend ever (since we got Friday off) and I had a BLAST. Here are some photos either from MIT's website or from my friends' camera of our adventures that weekend:

First, I went outside with my friend and roommate at 2:30 am after the blizzard to make our mark in the fresh powder snow. The view (or lack thereof) of Boston was breathtaking. 
Everything just merged into one great whiteness.

The next day, there was an epic campus-wide snowball fight!

Even President Rafael Reif came for an appearance.

There was a whole day when vehicles were prohibited from traveling 
so it made pedestrian life much more casual. 

(aka "Cars Only" my ass.)

Mass Ave was deserted.

So some people skied to get to Point B...

Or just as an alternative to running a bridge loop.

The Charles had these huge cracks between the sheets of ice that covered it.
The ice would move and widen and narrow the cracks in a slow rhythm that made it seem like the Charles was breathing in its lazy slumber.

Snow babies. Ya know.

There were just some huge chunks of ice covered in snow.

Our beloved Maseeh.

Casually lying on the frozen Charles river.

Our sailing pavilion looked so tiny from the amount of snow that covered the dock.

It's incredible to look at the contrast between the snow-covered Boston and the sea.


I didn't use my bike for a while after that...

It was really hard to make snow angels in the fluffy snow. 
We kind of just sank into it and didn't couldn't get back up.

Stop hoarding our snow!

Um. A scantily clothed snow-woman.

Winter makes great artwork.

A photo from my friend when she went to the North End. 
Isn't this EPIC?

Weather definitely unites people, and for one weekend, it didn't matter what group you usually hung out with -- the snow brought the campus together. 
I've always been a snow kind of girl. White Christmas. Building snow furniture on my birthday. 

This is one of the top reasons why I never see myself moving to somewhere like Florida or SoCal for the rest of my life.

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