Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Non-President

It's my 20th birthday today!

I'm trying this new thing (we know how that goes...) where I try to act like I'm a year older than I am so that I have a year to prepare for my age next year. 
Wow, that sounded so much stupider once I wrote it out explicitly. I swear that sounded mature and brilliant in my head. 

Things I want to try doing:

1. Get the little things right:
- Send emails when they come to mind
- Reply to emails when I first get them!
- Regard money as a tool.

2. Take advantage of my life:
- Get serious about my education and practical about how I want it to benefit me in the future
- Invest more in my friends - show them I care every single day :), even when I feel like absolute carp*
- Talk to my parents more when I'm home and absorb all the advice and share with them my stories
- Take care of my body: Eat smart (healthy but delicious), Run hard (make it burnnn), Feel happy (worry... never) 
- Keep things in prospective: A balance of "what's one year next to the rest of your life?" vs. "live today like it's your last" 

3. More to come as I think of them!

*I really like the idea of inverting "crap" to "carp" -- it's one of the weird ideas I come up with and think it's brilliant, even though everyone else thinks I just misspelled "crap"

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