Sunday, December 12, 2010


I need a daily dose of realism.

Realism - to see things for what they truly are.
Truly - how things are without anyone touching it or thinking about it.

Realism: 1 day = 24 hours = 1440 minutes = 86400 seconds.
That's the amount of time I have in one day to do whatever I want.
I choose to identify responsibilities and tasks and allot my time for that.
I choose to accept my humanness and allot 6-7 hours to (refer to conversion) to sleep.
I choose to pretend that I am busy when really, I procrasinate and think activities like going online or reading or watching episodes on Hulu or walking or running or staring into space and pondering isn't going to take another 6 hours.

Truly: Time is a free and mandatory resource, a dimension, a measurement.

Realism: Time can be a friend. or an enemy. Right now, it's a frenemy. It's ok, but our relationship is sehr tiring. So much drama on my part. Time is really impartial to it all, which frustrates me. Why can't it slow down and wait for me? Why can't it catch up to my thoughts and ambitions? Why doesn't it care about me?

Realism: I am talking to myself. Time is far, far away, where everyone else can feel it.

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