Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Exciting Things (Maybe?)

---------------------------This one is from 12/22/13, while I was in Cambridge----------------------------

Just got a project match to intern in Google Zurich for the summer!

I got the match when I least expected it. I was getting kind of nervous about my summer plans. I wanted to have a PM-type internship but things just weren´t going my way. I got rejected from one position, never got a response to an interview invitation from another, passed the interviews for another company but they told me they ran out of spots (wat.), and so things were getting a bit discouraging.

I didn't think I really wanted to take on another SWE position for the summer after doing one last year. But I warmed up to the possibility as I thought about it more. I wanted to have more experience in coding and software development before working towards being a PM. There´s a lot of PM skills that can be worked on in a SWE position as well.

The project is right up my alley. It´s in data visualisation and front end at YouTube Analytics.

Retrospective Note:
That summer was EPIC. No regrets.
I got to a lot of PM-y things by designing my own graph types and getting buy-in from various stakeholders on the team, like the UX designer, PM, and engineers, who each prefer to communicate in a different way.

And Switzerland, swoon.

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