Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A little over 2 years since my last published post, I've decided to revive this blog.

I think it's healthy for people to write down our thoughts. It's healthy to ramble.

-----------------So here's a drafted post from 9/11/13. What a time warp.------------------

I believe in...

the setup.
   because my environment greatly influences my mood and my next moments. clear the table of all the little things and play some good music before I start action.

having a plan.
   it's good to be preparing for something and having a plan, knowing full well that the plan will be ditched for something better.

music and warm food.
   Two things that I have seen bring people together effectively and bring comfort at a time of distress.
   I say "warm food" because heat can add so much to food. And who comes together over cold salad? Not me, that's best enjoyed on your own.

keeping record.
   your life is part of a history of humans. and your life is filled with memories and time where memories will soon be created. keep them close, to learn from them, to laugh at them.

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