Friday, March 8, 2013

Ring Premiere 2013

The validation of all our hard work so far is here: the Brass Rat.

Ring Premiere was Friday, February 15th (sorry it's a bit late...) at Kresge Auditorium and the design for this year was revealed.

I'm pretty excited, even though some design elements were "eh." However, they managed to sneak in the 148th Pokemon, which the child Pokemon card collector in me was won over by.

My second favorite part is the Class Shank on our ring: 

Right under the "2015," there are two hackers who stole the "C" and the "I" from the roman numerals on the dome, leaving behind "MMXV" which is "2015." Clever.

Third best part (maybe the best part for some other people), is that our Ring Delivery will take place at Fenway Park!!

image from wikimedia

Now every time I see an upperclassmen or alum with their brass rat, I catch myself just staring at it for a ridiculously long time and subconsciously raising my right hand up to envision their brass rat on my hand. I'm pretty sure the other person notices, and probably becomes very creeped out (for lack of a phrase closer to the truth). But I honestly don't care because soon enough, I will have my own brass rat to shit on my life. 

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