Sunday, September 30, 2012

H♡ME: Part 1

**Looking at my drafts, I realized I never posted this one of the Ingrid Michaelson concert I saw!

On my trip home for the last days of July, I got to eat Momma's hearty cooking, see two incredible concerts and relax.

I wrote about OMAM already, but here's another snip of that weekend:


Ingrid's Sexy Pose...

The Crew and a special guest from the audience singing "You and I"

I was so happy to finally see her live. Granted, most of the audience were women in their mid-30's who dragged their boyfriends along or lesbian couples, neither demographic in which I belong. But it was super fun. And she's such a great entertainer and has a chill, hilarious personality. 
And might I just say: her voice is very sexy- how does she do it??

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